Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The WedPrep #4 - Intermezzo

He left for London this morning
He DM me through Twitter, said that he was in Dubai for a while
And now I miss him already *sad*
He'll be back on 6th, November .. which means it's 8 more days

Last night, we went eating to a small seafood stall
Surprisingly, I chose to eat scallop, kinda weird because it's hard to be eaten as you must peel off the shell
30 minutes we ate, 27 minutes I need to open the shell
For me, it seems I don't want to be back home so fast
 I just want to spend more time with him, as he'll leave me for a week
When I arrived home, I held myself not to cry *sad*

And I plan to return home earlier from office ... Feeling weird because most of my after-office activities I spent with him

This afternoon, my dad texted me about the invitation design - yess ... for the wedding
And I haven't got it yet
With some changes I made with @dwhyr yesterday, she will work on it soon
Good news is @niwadesu has finished the picture of us
IT'S SO EXTREMELY CUTE!!!! and I love it
I'll show it later *biggrin*

I did some origami in my spare time. Here is the picture

me : Mas, What will I do if I miss you?
him: *flatface*
me : Mas, It will be hard for me to contact you due to the timezone
him : *flatface*
me : It's 8 days !!!
him: Overrated! It's only 8 days
me : *sad*

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