Friday, 5 December 2014

BangBang Into My Face, She Said

"Ariana Grande's face at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is your new spirit meme"

Poor Ariana
She was performing at VS Fashion Show
But unfortunately, as Elsa, one of VS' angels, walk into the stage, Ariana can't react onto Elsa's wing
She was hit (or she called #bangbangintomyface) and it became an embarrassing scene
After that, she was directly compared with Taylor Swift, who was also a guest star last year

Poor kid *smirk*
Read the article on mashable here 

Or watch the video here (it's not official so the quality is bad)

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Challenge #15 - My Will

I knew him since I was a little girl
He was so cute for his age
He inherit his mother's smile, in my opinion, unlike his brother
When I first saw him and knew him, I thought he was the most perfect boy in the world

But it just broke my heart whenever saw him in grieve
He was behind the carriage of his mother's dead body
Rest in peace forever

After that, news about him and his brother became one of the most wanted
Everything about him, the schools, the friends, the sports was always be a topic

William Arthur Philip Louis is his full name
World knows him as Prince William
Her mother used to call him "drop-dead gorgeous"
Because for me also, he is *grin*

But that was an old story
He is now married, and so am I
Our story has ended some times ago *tears*
And I cried hard in the day he was married
But until now, he still has a small part inside my heart

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Challenge #`14 - Piss Off!!!

When you are in the middle of rushing to the finger-scan machine
When the clock is ticking
And it's almost 7.30 (means just in time I start working)
You are in a queue line, the second person
Right in front of you is a man, try to do the finger-scanning
You peek to see the number he got (which is the less the better)
Then he got "6", which is in your opinion it's a very good one
Then he re-enter his finger, and do the scanning once more
He got "20" and he pissed off!!!


Shit Happens!!!