Wednesday, 30 January 2013

SOTD #11

Yesterday was his birthday
And I'm going to marry this-30-years-old-man 

A day before, he forbid me to do anything about his birthday and things related to social media
Means, I was not allowed to update any means of social media related to his birthday
Okay, I'm talking around

So I didn't do anything ... until I updated my BB status to "brand new old, same you"
I thought his friend could guess
He called me asking whether I told his friend or no
I denied 
Okay ... then I got busted 
He was grumbling to me, I got irritated
And the silence was around us
When we were aware, we arrived at Sushi Tei
And the coldness melted away *smile*

I can't wait to be your bride, and you'll be my groom 
~ no measure of time with you will be long enough, but let's start with forever~

Thursday, 3 January 2013

The WedPrep #8 - How Cute We Are

~~~H~A~P~P~P~Y~Y N~U~U~U Y~E~A~R~R~R ~~~~
How are you?? Missing my post about our wedding?
I hope you are all in a good mood, a good condition

I get bored to update our wedding story, since I have nothing to be updated
But well, a month is enough to tell you the progress of our wedding

I've been made deals with my vendor to print my invitations and also made my souvenirs
I went to Jogja just to meet them, I hope it would be great *otherwise I'll blackmail them*
I also has started to meet my designer who will make my wedding dress
I've bought the materials and She has started to work on my dress
I also hope my dress would be awesome *smile*

I guess all of the preparations here, in Jakarta, has gone well
I just need to fix something with my parents about the wedding organizer
Actually, I really wished that I could organize my wedding by myself
But, unfortunately, due to distance that I can't always be in Palembang, I have to let the dream go

I started to order more souvenirs actually, to make sure it could cover some shortage
But I hope it won't happen ... about the shortage, I mean
I have bought many stuffs to be the "seserahan" ... It's like some amount of gifts he'll give me on our wedding day .. But, I think I still need more ... so many more? perhaps? hihi *biggrin*

Me and Him?
Still in a good condition .. I guess *grin*
I'm still too outspoken
He's still too quite
ahhh ... how cute we are
Speaking of cuteness .. I've "launched" our picture made by @niwadesu (again)

How cute we are, right? :)

Me : I went to the beauty parlour. Do I look prettier? right? i am, right?
Him: I can't see you. It's too dark (due to we talk while we're heading to the parking lot)

~~about an hour later~~

Me : *still insist* So, what's the answer to my question?
Him: Which one?
Me : Do I look prettier?
Him: *smile* You are always do
Me : *blushing*