Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Prep(aration?) #5 - The Plan

Well ... things have settled better now
I've talked to my mom, she said that we can't have that wedding so soon
My mom gave us some options, either the wedding will be held on April or his sister can do the wedding first
So then, I talked to his mom and she accepted the first plan, which also our very first plan
Everybody is happy ... yay !!!!

Here is the plan now
Him and his family will come to Palembang on November, 3rd
We'll have some conversations about the wedding day and etc
I have proposed April 6th, 2013
Why? *smile*
It's 2nd anniversary of our first meeting in Bali
(read about our story here)
ahhhh ... I hope we can return to Bali soon enough *kisskiss*

Though, April 6th is not an official day yet ... Please do save the date!
Our wedding will be held in Palembang ... So saving as much as you can *biggrin*
We would be delightful if you could come and celebrate our wedding

Wish us the best
I'll keep on updating you about our wedding frequently

him: Yuk, transfer pulsa 10 ribu bisa ga? buat internet
me : ok ... bayar dong
him: pake cinta ya?
me : berapa kontainer?
him: kontainer doang mah gak cukup. Kan cintanya tak terbatas
me : *biggrin*

Us at Taman Safari (it's a fortune that I can take his pic. He did it under my pressure)

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PELITA said...

always love read your blog about the prep babe..
can't wait..
ayoo lo sibuk2..kelar itu bantuin gw yah..

seragam buat kita jangan lupaaa :p