Friday, 15 August 2008


I went to Bali last week
I was one of the LO's for the 2008 Asian Science Camp
At first, I guessed it would be so dull. But there was so much fun
I stayed in Sanur, Inna Grand Hotel. A nice hotel nearby Sanur beach
It's so windy in Sanur, so you can do parasailing here
I spent a week in the hotel and not going anywhere (because of the job)
but I met a lot of friends such as Zach, Lia, Syai, Zulaikha, Isan, Bagus, Hari, Palguna, Veni, Dek Yani....and many more
really nice to meet you guys!!!

so Sanur gets the sunrise. I woke up early just to catch the sunrise and took the picture of it
I love the glowing
If you walked along Sanur beach, sand is everywhere. Yes it is a sandy beach
Fortunately, my last day working is the day of Sanur Beach Festival
I joined the fun bike riding through all Sanur Village. It's so quite here, not as crowded as Kuta

So then, here we goes with Kuta
I spent 3 days in Kuta. Kuta is so very crowded with the peoples, the hotels, the beach, and of course, the clubs
Most of the peoples love Kuta, because of the beach is suitable for surfers. A wavy-windy beach
I tried body boarding here (since i'm not allowed to do surfing), and body boarding made me browner hihihihi
Legian is at the same area with Kuta. Legian-Kuta is so famous as crowded and jammed in most of the day

Actually, I really want to do diving in Bali. but since, none of my friends is licensed as diver, so I have to suspend my passion. A friend of mine suggested me to come to Tulamben. It's 3 hours car-driving. Unfortunately, none of my friend would like to accompany me... so sad

To heal my broken heart, my cousin took me to Jimbaran, a place where you can eat seafoods all the time, along the Jimbaran beach
you can ask for fried, grilled, boiled....anything you name it
You can find fishes, squids, scallops, shrimps, prawns....any seafoods
So it's very recommended if you are a seafood lover
just one sacrifice you have to do that your clothes will be so stink because of the smoke

At love shopping
Sukawati has so very much variety of things...bags, clothes, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, foods, drinks, almost anything
And also, it's so cheap ....if you are good in suggestion, always start with at least 50%
If you are lucky and so good in bargaining, you can get a Rp.100.000 bag for just Rp.25.000
Sounds nice, huh???
So happy bargaining here

 day i'll return here
cos, i've left my heart in Bali