Monday, 30 April 2012

SOTD #3 - The Refusal

I "made" him lunch ... not exactly self-made 

Me : How was the lunch?
Him: Enak. Emang bikin sendiri? Emang sempat pagi-pagi? Beli ya?
Me : #jleb1 Aku bikin sendiri. Sempat-sempat aja
Him: Ga mungkin. Pasti beli
Me : #jleb2 ...
Him: Gudeg gitu. Makanan Palembang aja belom tentu bisa bikin
Me : #jleb3 ...
Him: Beli kan?
Me : #jleb4 ih ... iya ga bikin sendiri. tapi ga beli. tapi itu aku yang nyusun di lunch box kok #ngaku
Him: Tuh kan
Me : Emang kalo aku bikin sendiri kenapa?
Him: #kemudianhening

"ps: I made him pasta once. He declined to eat all things I cooked since then T_T"

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

SOTD #2 - BOOBy Trap

Me:  Nonton apa?
Him: Kamu mau apa?
Me: Hemf ... Battleship ya? ato Mirror-Mirror ?
Him: Alien ya? itu battleship. males ah
Me: Trus nonton apa?
Him: Nenek Gayung aja yok?
Me: %78H*$#56@$

--- 30 minutes later ---

Me: I can't recognize the movie star. and it's all about boobs!
Him: Itu Tata Sivex #tunjuktunjuk
Me: Tata who ???!! #%^$*$9@$%345

"ps: no wonder he chose this movie. It's a BOOBy trap. Boys!!"

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Story of a boy meets a girl

I haven't updated my blog since January
Life is kinda busy here, in real world :D

i'm going to tell you a story. This is a story of boy meets girl

there was a boy. a loner. 

he was waiting for sun to rise upon a shore in Bali, then he's ready to start some works
he's some kind of writer, a serious one
he was invited by a ministy to write something about it's event
then the sun has arisen ... he smiled and back to hotel for breakfast
he knew, that day would be same-old-day, same-old routine
he was wrong .. and he knew he was wrong ...right until he saw a girl

there she was a girl. a clown for her friends, she thinks

full spirit to accomplished all of her duties for today
she loves Bali so bad, and she couldn't wait to explore Bali, after the job
She checked her camera and did some photographs around
Swimming Pool, trees, friends, and wait a sec ... she looked at something .. no, a person
she blinked, he's gone, her friend called

he knew, his life wouldn't be the same anymore
he was shy, he hid in toilet, until his friend asked why
nothing he said. and he went breakfast
his mind playing tricks on him, he shaked his head to wash away the shadow
but suddenly

she was asked to meet some new teams-mate in Bali

she was cheerly introduce herself
she gasped

"Amelia" it's her name, that girl

she digged her memory deeper, and she found this face of "Yudi"

a long-hair-eye-glasses man

the angel, a veiled-girl with camera, that girl

she, whose face tricked his mind 

The story didn't come to an end

it's already a year after the beginning

you know, life is overatted, so is love
for me, story of boy meets girl is always be a love story