Thursday, 26 September 2013

New Life #1 - I'm back

It's been almost 6 months since my last update

I am a married woman now
With .... baby in the tummy *biggrin*
I don't have any moods to update my new story when I knew that I was pregnant
My first trimester pregnancy was awful, I barely can eat
Nausea was my best friend
But deep inside I'm terribly happy that I'm going to be a mother *biggrin*
My baby in the tummy is 5 months (21 weeks almost) already
And .. you've missed 6 months of our story

But, there's nothing much to tell
Marriage is so fun ... for me *grin*
We're still keep on trying to know each other much more better
I love sniffing around his smell before I go to sleep
I love to kiss his lips before he wakes up in the morning
I even smile every time he fart *hehe*

For me, I was really expecting pregnancy
So when I saw my test pack was marked positive, I smile so wide
I ran toward him, and showed the (+) mark on the test pack
He didn't know what to do and insisted me to change to another test pack
So i checked again, and the result was still the same (+)
I smile. He asked me to come to see the doctor first
We spent the weekend just to find the doctor and hospital
And we chose a hospital near our house with a female doctor

At first, I thought my pregnancy was less than 4 weeks
But the doctor said that my baby was already 6 weeks
After that, my whole life changed
Psychologically, I feel angry, nausea, moody
And I felt my body was so weak
I can barely eat. I lost 2,5 kilos in total, in my first trimester
When my baby was 16 weeks, psychologically I've felt better
I can eat without re-vomiting the foods
So i'm happier

This coming week would be my baby in the tummy 21 weeks
It's just another half way
I can't wait to see my baby's smile
Now, I always feel thrill when my baby is moving around in my tummy

My Little Sunshine. Mommy and Daddy love you

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The WedPrep #12 - Finale

Today is my last 3 days before I get married

I may not have more time to update this blog

But it would be the a confession session

I guess I'm ready

I may not be prepared

But I'm ready

I'll go back home tonight

Wish us luck

Wish us the best

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The WedPrep #11 - Trouble, Trouble

And big trouble comes!

I hate to admit that I have gained weight since 4 months ago
My dress doesn't fit me because my belly is ... yeah you name it *sad*
And I only have 2 weeks to reach my 4-months-ago belly size *sigh*
Until today, which has passed 2 days since I commit to do diet, my belly is still at the same size *cry*
But insyAllah, I can handle it *fingercross*

I don't have any other big issues
I guess that most of my preparations have run smooth, except my belly

Last sunday was Asni's wed, one of my bestfriend
I shed my tears much when I saw her Akad Nikah
And my heart was thundered

And for sure,
I never mention about the sacrifices my parents have gave to me
I'm so sad, I will step to a higher level of life, with a man that I just knew for 2 years
Knowing that I haven't do something worth to them
Meanwhile most things I did was worthless to their goodness *cry*
Do I really ready to fly away from my zone?
Do I really ready ?
I will never be able to answer it
But there never readiness, what I can do is pray to Allah ...

By the way,
Here is the 2nd fun fact about our wedding
2. The Wedding date was chosen by me. It's our 2nd first greeting anniversary. 2 years ago in Bali. So I guess it would be cool if it's in the same date too. And also, we're planning to go to Bali for honeymoon *biggrin*

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The WedPrep #10 - Less Than Three Weeks

Our wedding day is just less than 3 weeks-away
The preparation is almost meet the ending
I'm coming to pick up my dress this week
The souvenirs are already on its way to Palembang
The invitations are ready to be delivered
I guess, it's almost 90 % ready

As day goes by and almost meet the end
Many things come to annoy me so bad
For example about the dance I will do on the day
He still dislike my decision to dance, but yeah, I don't care
I went home to Palembang last weekend
And got nothing from it
I have gave up the ambitions to control my wedding day
So now, I'm completely lay it on the hand of my WO
I just hope my decision to dance is right *grin*
And I also hope my make up artist is as good as people talk about him

Another thing coming is about our honeymoon
I have decided to go to Bali
The only problem is I can't decide how long we will stay
And for sure, I can't help his whatever to anything I offer *ggrrrr*
But I guess I'll settle it down soon enough
Back to my statement before, I don't care and He does whatever
Ahh... maybe this is the thing that unite us *grin*

By the way,
I'm going to tell you some fun fact about us
Maybe it's one of the way I can update my blog often until my wedding day

1. For you who has received our wedding invitation, you may see the poems in front of it. It is really an original copy of our poems made by ourselves. I was thinking that it might be fun to put something that "so us" in our wedding invitation. In this case, I consider both of us as word-players *grin*.

enough for today
I'll return tomorrow and tell you about another story of preparation for my wedding day. And also another fun fact about me and him

love from me and him

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The WedPrep #9 - Almost 1m

We're having a "kinda-big" fight couple days ago
But you might think it's a small stuff
But ... hell yeah I sweat small stuff *grin*
But ... But again, We have settled the thing and now It's good again

Ahhh... it's just almost a month away
I can't wait *grin*
My invitation cards is just a week away to be released
My souvenirs is still on its way to find my home
I still need to do fitting on my wedding dress
Ahhhh.... I still have so many things to do

By the way, here is a sneak-peak to my invitation card, released soon


We add two poems in it, originally created by me and him *grin*
I'll show it later, if the invitations has been released

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

SOTD #11

Yesterday was his birthday
And I'm going to marry this-30-years-old-man 

A day before, he forbid me to do anything about his birthday and things related to social media
Means, I was not allowed to update any means of social media related to his birthday
Okay, I'm talking around

So I didn't do anything ... until I updated my BB status to "brand new old, same you"
I thought his friend could guess
He called me asking whether I told his friend or no
I denied 
Okay ... then I got busted 
He was grumbling to me, I got irritated
And the silence was around us
When we were aware, we arrived at Sushi Tei
And the coldness melted away *smile*

I can't wait to be your bride, and you'll be my groom 
~ no measure of time with you will be long enough, but let's start with forever~

Thursday, 3 January 2013

The WedPrep #8 - How Cute We Are

~~~H~A~P~P~P~Y~Y N~U~U~U Y~E~A~R~R~R ~~~~
How are you?? Missing my post about our wedding?
I hope you are all in a good mood, a good condition

I get bored to update our wedding story, since I have nothing to be updated
But well, a month is enough to tell you the progress of our wedding

I've been made deals with my vendor to print my invitations and also made my souvenirs
I went to Jogja just to meet them, I hope it would be great *otherwise I'll blackmail them*
I also has started to meet my designer who will make my wedding dress
I've bought the materials and She has started to work on my dress
I also hope my dress would be awesome *smile*

I guess all of the preparations here, in Jakarta, has gone well
I just need to fix something with my parents about the wedding organizer
Actually, I really wished that I could organize my wedding by myself
But, unfortunately, due to distance that I can't always be in Palembang, I have to let the dream go

I started to order more souvenirs actually, to make sure it could cover some shortage
But I hope it won't happen ... about the shortage, I mean
I have bought many stuffs to be the "seserahan" ... It's like some amount of gifts he'll give me on our wedding day .. But, I think I still need more ... so many more? perhaps? hihi *biggrin*

Me and Him?
Still in a good condition .. I guess *grin*
I'm still too outspoken
He's still too quite
ahhh ... how cute we are
Speaking of cuteness .. I've "launched" our picture made by @niwadesu (again)

How cute we are, right? :)

Me : I went to the beauty parlour. Do I look prettier? right? i am, right?
Him: I can't see you. It's too dark (due to we talk while we're heading to the parking lot)

~~about an hour later~~

Me : *still insist* So, what's the answer to my question?
Him: Which one?
Me : Do I look prettier?
Him: *smile* You are always do
Me : *blushing*