Monday, 29 October 2012

The WedPrep #3 - Early Morning

I'm Back Again!!!

I forget to update the blog. Okay ... mostly I forgot about the things I would like to write
As my wedding date is about 5 months to go, my mom and dad are getting more exciting
My dad sent me a lot of pictures to my phone about the decoration
My mom kept asking me about doing pre-wedding photo
And about this pre-wedding photo session, I have talked to him
And as I've guessed, he declined
(just think about me taking his picture is already exhausted, taking pre-wedding photo session will take a lifetime --")

For invitation, I've asked Dewi @dwhyr to help me doing the design *smile*
But I'm still confused about the whole theme for the wedding
I also asked @niwadesu 's help to design our picture in replacement to pre-wedding photo

Instead of preparing for the wedding, We're busy of preparing his stuffs for destination London
But whole winter apparels are so expensive *sad*
Last Weekend, We stayed overnight in our friend's home, made Satay and played soccer game (It was him who played, me sleeping)
He will leave for London tomorrow *sad*

(next morning after the overnight stay)
me : Ke Sency yok? Cari syal buat kamu
him: Ayok!!! (It's a surprising answer. More over, It's MAGIC!)
(and so we were. Came to Senayan City, with a condition not having a bath yet or brush teeth. He changed his t-shirt, me covered my t-shirt with jacket. And we both just worn sandals. What A Look!!!)

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