Friday, 5 October 2012

The Prep(aration?) #3 - No QED

as I've been so busy in Bandung ...
- I'm too tired to update my blog
- I forgot our 15 months on October, 3rd. As I forgot, he wouldn't even remember *sigh*

Well anyway, no further movement on our prep, since we haven't decided D-Day
But I have so many things in my mind about the wed, which unfortunately still have to wait the final decision that will be made by our parents *sigh*

Wish us the best luck

@safitriamelia : hooooiii @yudhietop
*no response*
@safitriamelia : qaqaq @yudhietop .... ooooooooiiiiii :D
*still no response*

why he's so serious?????

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