Tuesday, 14 July 2009

First Trip to Singapore

here the story goes

I never did solo traveller, so i planned
well....i was not all alone by myself
my friends have been waiting in Singapore, for TIG (Triennial Intervasity Games), held by NUS
because i'm not officially official, so i will be an amateur photographer
a very important suggestion for you, who will travel abroad is....never put your passport away
okey, i confess...it happened to me...
i left my passport at home, so that i need to wait it sent by my dad
it's so wrong so dont follow my lunaticness
I came to Singapore by Batam
my flight to Batam it's so good, Hang Nadim is a nice airport
i was so lucky that i have a cousin living in Batam
so she picked me up in airport and transferred me to harbour
from batam center harbour, i just need to pay S$24 (incl.seaport tax)
and it's only take 45 minutes to Singapore, even the first 10 minutes you already saw the merlion on Sentosa island
i stayed on NUS' dorms, so from Harbourfront (Singapore's harbour) i took a taxi to NUS
i arrived just in time my friends finished the exercise
2 days became an amateur photographer, i met my highschool's friends
we had some chats and dinner in Jurong point (one of the mal)
i ate biryani mutton, which cost S$5,5
it was a lamb curry over rice, the taste is so yummi....love it
oh yeah, it was also my first time on MRT...i was so excited...yeaaayy
well because i came back to dorm late, i bought 2 burgers for my roommate
it was ramly's burger, a Malaysian recipe burger
it was cost S$3 each, but the taste is awesome
On the 4th day, i went to Sentosa island. i love it here, so clean
i was a lil bit jealous of the cleanness, i wished Jakarta can be like here
i and my friends walk all over the place
we play LUGE, a riding car from a top of hill
it's cost S$9, kinda expensive for me, but al least i can see all over Singapore from the top of it
i really wanted to watch songs of the sea
but unfortunately, my friends were so tired and hungry, so we decided to head home
the next day, we went to Orchard....shopping...yeayyyy
but most of the places were so expensive
then we were heading to lucky plaza, which is cheaper by other
i bought some souvenirs (well...it cant be said some, because i end up with some large shopping bags)
i bought 5 for S$10 bags, 18 for S$10 keycahins, a S$10 t-shirt for my lil brother
well....actually i bought some others many things for that i forgot how much i've spent
*well...i'm only a human...in ordinary girls*
i only got 1 day left to travel aroung Singapore, so we went to Esplanade, Suntech city, Raffles, Merlion (mostly i forgot the name i've been)
ooow....dont forget to mention i was walking on the F1 racing track...so smooth...i wondered that there will be a moment of 22 F1 cars running around here

well it was so awesome in Singapore
i love the cleaness of the city
and a very-easy-to-find transportations, eihter buses or trains or taxi
i love it here
but well, of course i'm too much in love for Indonesia
time to be back home