Sunday, 21 October 2012

The WedPrep #1 - The One Ring

If you were a fan of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, you will recognize The One Ring
In short, The One Ring is the most powerful ring that once ruled Middle Earth
I own one now *smile*
But for me, it's ring that empower me to rule a heart *eaaaaa*

It was my proposing day yesterday
His mother gave me this ring so that it could "bind" us (or maybe bind me? *grin*)
I hope, we both can keep our heart for ever and more
May Allah always protects us

*ps: here is the photo

me : my heart beats fast, don't you?
him: enggak
me : arrghhhh 6 bulan lagi. kamu ga deg-degan?
him: enggak
me : 6 bulan kan cepet ...
him: masih lama ini
me : yeahhhh .. whatever!
him: *flatface*


sofyan hendra said...

congratz yaaaaaa
*ikut seneng banget

semoga dimudahkan jalannya

PELITA said...

congratz darling...

amelia said...

@massopi ... kangen deh, mohon doanya ya ... ke Palembang dong kalo ga sibuk? hehehe...

@cicik ... aminn for both of us :D