Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Challenge #9 - We Will Still Be Friend Forever

Reunion in a simple words (for me) is about nongkrong (term for hanging out with my old school university gang)

Back in the university, I have bunch of friends that I always hanging around with
After we all graduated from university, having a job or having our own little family, we sometimes still meet up just to hang out
Hang out in our term is just chating about our own boss or any other things
For another example, for us who already get married, we'll talk about married life
And it's the part my other friend (who has not married yet) is mad about

At least for me, when I hang around with them, I feel a little bit lighter that I can share my stories with them
And I won't say much because picture will speak louder

I present to you : (clockwise order)
Me - Diah - Novi - Asni - Asni's Husband named Haikal - Dara's Husband named Wisnu - Dara - Sefti - Sefti's Fiancee named Prabu - (FOR SURE) My Husband

Actually, there are couple more, but unfortunately some of them have moved to another city
Riska is now in Kalimantan
Linda is having master degree in London
Putri is a newly-wed in process for moving to Garut
Niken is currently having training in Surabaya
The last one is Dini, she's our dear beloved friend is currently rest in peace close to Allah *smile*

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Challenge #8 - It's a Snack Time!!!

My Favorite snack at the office is .... (almost) ANYTHING I can find near me

Blog theme of the week challenges me to tell you about snacking at the office
Recently, I have two **expensive** snacks on my table
I bought them from an online shop
There are two types of snack, veggie and fruit chips
I have emptied the veggie one, and will do the fruit later

Now let me tell you the taste
Based on  the info from the webpage, healthy veggie chips is a healthy snack made from organic-pesticide-free veggies , baked and vacuumed without oil, without salt or MSG or any preservatives

That's what healthy is!!!
**Btw, I shed tears by buying this. It broke me. But it's good. Really

The veggie contains mushrooms, peas, carrots, and others veggie I don't know what to call them
The taste was so tender and sweet. Love the mushrooms

From the picture, the right one is the fruit chips. I can't tell the taste, but I bet it would be great too. It contains apples, kiwis, bananas, strawberries, etc

Besides those two, I also have a jar with chocolate cookies
I used to have Oreo but at this time, I don't have them
I also love to pile up some chocolate bars in my table drawer
Well, for the bars, for sure, I'll keep it as a secret so none will come and take them

some extras

 **ps: the picture above is my own personal kitchen hehehe

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Baby's First Food

I rarely do some cooking thing
I also ... well ... won't say that I am good at cooking
But ... I like cooking ... really!
Errr ... but don't talk about the taste ... I mean, it's good for me
But ... don't know anybody else *grin*

But ... (well I always start with a but)
Since my baby turned into 6 months old and she is ready to eat solid food
I am officially a cook ... for her :p

Today I'm going to share one of the easiest first food
It's .......... *drumroll ............ Pear Puree
I love Xiang lie or Packham (Here in Indonesia, those are two kinds of pear I usually use)
Color of the skin for both of the pear is green, a little different with another kind that color pale yellow

So what you need to prepare

one Xiang lie / Packham Pear
image by google
a knive
a saucepan and steamer + the lid
a cup of water
a baby food grinder / blender / strainer

Now it's time to cook

  • First, wash the pear under a running water, then peel the skin. I know the skin contains many good thing, but you don't need it for first food since it is a little bit hard to digest...so let the skin go *let it gooo let it goo
  • You also have to throw away the core, and after that cut the pear into smaller pieces
  • Put the water into the saucepan, place the steamer and put the pear into the steamer
  • If all set, cover the steamer with lid, and turn on the stove
  • You will need about 5 minutes so the pear will soften
  • Once the pear is already soften, put the pear into a baby food grinder or blender or just strainer

(I also will tell you about the differences among the three)
A blender is the most useful machine if you want to make a large number of Pear Puree so you can freeze it and store it for about 1 month (or more, but don't recommend it)
A baby food grinder or strainer are about at same function. But it has a little different texture compared to blender
Grinder/Strainer will give you more chunky texture
So it just about preference

Fyi, if you don't have pear, apple would also be a great first food
I love to use Royal Gala or ... Red Washington ... It would be great also

Andraya is very much in love with my cooking. TRUE!!!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Challenge #7 - Rainbow Troops

Really, I can't say anything about the best book I ever read
I like reading books (I can't say that I love reading books)
I am a book person but in term that I love buying books, leave them in the bookcase, and totally forgot about it ... until (suddenly) I want to read something in my way to office
Don't hate me please?

So the best books I've ever read for this week challenge is presented by ... my husband
I interview him about the best books he's ever read
Me : M
Him: H

M : So, I have to write about the best books I've ever read for this week challenge. I really don't know what to write. I'm going to ask you and write about your answer. Are you ready?
H : *stare strangely*
*ok, he is a weirdo himself anyway*
*peace* #kisshimatcheek*
M : In your opinion, what is the best book you've ever read?
H : For me, it's tetralogy of Rainbow Troops (it's Laskar Pelangi in Indonesian)
M : Woa, why?
H : Because ... it's full of inspirations. About friendship and also hardworks. And also if I'm not mistaken, the books itself also inspire so many teachers to do a good thing like Bu Muslimah did
M : Woaaaaaa ... anything else? about the art of the writing?
H : Yeah, it's great for a person that didn't have a background of literature. He was an economic graduate, right?

M : Yeah right. Anything else?
H : And also, the movie. It means that it's a good book so that Mirles turn it into a movie. After that, both the book and the movie did make a good invitation for people visiting Belitung. Right?
M : Right. Anything Else?
H : Nope
M : Okay

Actually, I also read the tetralogy. I am also deeply in love with the movie made by Mirles
I am now thinking about having a vacation with my families there
Ah ... it will be great

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Challenge #5 - The Financial Activity

The theme for this week blog challenge is "dibuang sayang"
I think that phrase in english is something that too precious too be wasted
But in my case, it's just ... I'm too lazy to discard those things
So here is mine ... Bank receipt


I have sooooo many more of them back in my home
I kept it for.....no reason
I collect them because my dad once told me to keep them, always, everytime I was doing thing related to the money machine
So I (or him) could always monitored my financial activity
Nowadays, I still keep on printing the receipt but I reduce the quantities, so I can save trees *grin

Well now, I'm too in love with my online financial activity *biggrin
Well hey ... I'm trying to save trees !!!!!!!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

SOTD #13 - Thing That (Almost) Forgotten

Suddenly, I just remember that I haven't post this video on blog
This is one of the most important part about my wedding
This is it .....
My wedding video

I made this video about two weeks before my wedding day
The idea for making this video just popped in my mind that I want to have a DIY
At that day, I was really in love with a song by Ingrid Michaelson called can't help falling in love
Actually, the song was originally sang by Elvis Presley, and yes! I also love Elvis so bad

So, here it is