Monday, 1 October 2012

The Prep(aration?) #1 - Bridezilla

It's been a while since my last post *wink*

Last weekend, we (me and him) went to Palembang *wink*

Well .. we'd been planning some couple weeks to flew back home, and i'm so very much nervous to meet my parents
and as always, he flat-faced all the things that might be happened ..... arghhhggg

So here we go,

the meeting run well ... and my parents was just llike the other parents .. is possessively rule our planning --"
as the first child, my mom is extremely excited and extremely gonna make me get headache
my father ... just like the other father (i guess) ... gave us some advices  and left the rest to us ... whom he thought are grown-ups ...


we haven't decided the exact time ... my parents and his parent will meet soon enough

i guess my headache will come often, starts from now ... and i guess i'm gonna be a bridezilla :'(

wish us both all the luck ..... fighting!!!! *smile smile smile*

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PELITA said...

good luck sista... persiapan ini itu bikin sakit kepala lho...hahahaha