Monday, 5 November 2012

The WedPrep #5 - 5 more months

It's weird that I am now in a condition of losing the passion to plan my wedding
So dangerous :(
Since he left, I got cough and cold ... My body is so overrated *sigh*
Tomorrow will be counted as less-than-5-months to my wedding day
My mom kept calling me asking about the invitation design, which I haven't got yet
So if I didn't have it till next week, my parents will also take the lead *dead*

Now, I decide to make checklist ... and running my checklist every monday
At least, I have something to love on monday *grin*
@dwhyr has planned to design my invitation in couple days as I gave her the wording
@niwadesu made me a new picture, which is extremely cute *biggrin*
I love it so much

me : You went to two countries I love most
him: Yeah ... You've told me, right?
me : How much did you miss me?
him: Much ... I've told you, right?
me : Riiiighhhhhhttttttt ggrrrrrrrrr .......

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