Monday, 8 October 2012

The Prep(aration?) #4 - Fast and Furious

So ... the condition is a lil bit complicated now
My mom is even more furious about us than me. She kept calling me asking about when his parents would come to Palembang
On the other hand, I just knew that his sister (also) has been proposed as he proposed me to my parents, got that, yes?

So ... I spoke with his mom yesterday and Mama told me about that
This thing between him and his sister is also a complicated one for Mama
Now I don't know what-to-do

Culture in Java once said that a family can't have two marriages on same year
Actually, as he is the oldest, he has a prerogative to get married in the first place
And his mom also support this, as in Java, children should be married in birth-order
The biggest thing now is his mom wonder if I could speak to my parents and told them about me and him get married before mid November!!!
Why? because it's before Islamic New Year, so it will be counted as a different year if his sister got married after us
So the choices are us first or us later :'(

I'll talk to my mom first about all this
Wish us the best

me : How come you read book while I was talking to Mama?
him: *flat-face*

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