Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Prep(aration?) #2 - Early Prep

It's almost midnight in Bandung
yeah .. for today until thursday I have a short course for photography
I'm sleepy but got to finish my work first
I've called him ... And as always, our communication thru wire is not as good as face-to-face communication
Frankly speaking, I kinda miss him *sadsad*

Last night before I went to Bandung, we've spent couple hours eating Italian food and chatting about the prep
aghhhrrr ... I'm so gonna be a bridezilla ... But, I'm so excited
Am a weirdo, huh? *gringrin*
And also I have to check the things-to-do list that I've downloaded from offbeatbride.com yesterday
And I'm going to start writing about my prep, everyday *biggrin*
And also, I force him to help me running this blog, EVERYDAY *haha*



PELITA said...

good luck sist,,,
lo ga jadi bridezilla aja seremnya udah naujubillah apalagi jadi itu..hihihihihihi...
lo mulai hunting gedung..gw mulai hunting tiket ke palembang..

love you..ga nyangka aja lo duluan.. :)

amelia said...

Belom dapet tanggal pasti juga.prepnya mentog