Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Challenge #10 - A Walk To Remember

Actually, lil bit hard to find the saddest movie since I (mostly) shed tears everytime i watch drama movie
But suddenly, i remember when I did a phone talk in Prambors radio

Have you ever watched film called "a walk to remember"?

It was released in 2002 and played by Mandy Moore and Shane West as the main stars
Based on IMDB's plot summary, the film is about "A prank on a fellow high-school student goes wrong, popular but rebellious Landon Carter (Shane West) is threatened with expulsion. His punishment is mandatory participation in various after-school activities, such as tutoring disadvantaged children and performing in the drama club's spring musical. At these functions he is forced to interact with quiet, bookish Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), a girl he has known for many years but to whom he has rarely ever spoken. Their differing social statures leave them worlds apart, despite their close physical proximity."

The saddest moment came when at the end of the story, Jamie is dead because of cancer after she was married with Landon
But before she died, Landon was trying to fulfill various wishes on Jamie's list, such as building her a telescope so she can see a comet.
picnic at night under the sky full of stars, isn't it too sweet?
They were also getting married in the same chapel as was Jamie's deceased mother
This one is on the top of Jamie's wish list
I shed tears so hard whenever I watch the part when Landon visits Jamie's father, 4 years later
It is also when Landon has finished his study in medical school
Landon told Jamie's father that he was sorry he could not grant Jamie's wish to witness "a miracle" before she died.
But then, her father says "She did. It was you"
Ahhhhh ~~~~~ I'm starting to cry now

For the last part, I'll show you some sweet quotes from the film

~~ Jamie: You have to promise you won't fall in love with me.
~~ Landon: That's not a problem.
(it was at the beginning of their meeting)

~~ Landon: Jamie... I love you.
[long pause]
~~ Landon: Now would be the time to say something
~~ Jamie: I told you not to fall in love with me
(it was when they start dating)

Landon: Our love is like the wind... I can't see it, but I sure can feel it
*I'm melting here
Over and out ....


Wardah Adina said...

ini film jaman apa yaa..
yang gw inget, temen2 cewek pada heboh sedih2, tapi gw ngga ngertii.. kan gw masih kecill.. :")

yessika ayurisna said...

kayanya gw nonton, salah satunya si cewek minta "bisa di dua tempat dalam 1 waktu" terus dibawa ke perbatasan. kaki kiri di negara bagian mana, kaki kanan di mana

amelia said...

Betooolll jejesss