Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Challenge #11 - Takishīdo Kamen

My childhood hero would be my couple in fighting the bad guys

As I was the sailor moon, for sure Tuxedo Mask or Takishīdo Kamen was my superhero
Or also known as Mamoru Chiba

As a little girl, and grew up by watching anime, I never missed to watch sailor moon
And I only have a reason to watch it, because I was the sailor moon *grin*
And I can't wait to see Tuxedo Mask 

The way he rescued me *as the sailor moon*
The romance between us *grin*
What's better than
"You and me against the world?"
Ahhhh .... My Mamoru


Wardah Adina said...

ngayaal aja mell:)) ahahahaha

yessika ayurisna said...

you wish *grin

Iin Kurniati said...
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