Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Challenge #9 - We Will Still Be Friend Forever

Reunion in a simple words (for me) is about nongkrong (term for hanging out with my old school university gang)

Back in the university, I have bunch of friends that I always hanging around with
After we all graduated from university, having a job or having our own little family, we sometimes still meet up just to hang out
Hang out in our term is just chating about our own boss or any other things
For another example, for us who already get married, we'll talk about married life
And it's the part my other friend (who has not married yet) is mad about

At least for me, when I hang around with them, I feel a little bit lighter that I can share my stories with them
And I won't say much because picture will speak louder

I present to you : (clockwise order)
Me - Diah - Novi - Asni - Asni's Husband named Haikal - Dara's Husband named Wisnu - Dara - Sefti - Sefti's Fiancee named Prabu - (FOR SURE) My Husband

Actually, there are couple more, but unfortunately some of them have moved to another city
Riska is now in Kalimantan
Linda is having master degree in London
Putri is a newly-wed in process for moving to Garut
Niken is currently having training in Surabaya
The last one is Dini, she's our dear beloved friend is currently rest in peace close to Allah *smile*


haruadi setiawan said...

picture speaks louder or it is just that you made this hurry-scurry? hehhehe

amelia said...

after i wrote "picture speaks louder" , i can;t find any other picture that speak louder :D