Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Challenge #5 - The Financial Activity

The theme for this week blog challenge is "dibuang sayang"
I think that phrase in english is something that too precious too be wasted
But in my case, it's just ... I'm too lazy to discard those things
So here is mine ... Bank receipt


I have sooooo many more of them back in my home
I kept it for.....no reason
I collect them because my dad once told me to keep them, always, everytime I was doing thing related to the money machine
So I (or him) could always monitored my financial activity
Nowadays, I still keep on printing the receipt but I reduce the quantities, so I can save trees *grin

Well now, I'm too in love with my online financial activity *biggrin
Well hey ... I'm trying to save trees !!!!!!!


Wardah Adina said...

bah gw ngga ngerti deh lo nyimpenin ini saking malesnya atau saking rajinnya hahaha

Jessie said...

online shop jadi bisa ngumpet dari babeh ye? :))

amelia said...

kalo sekarang, the power of token, belanja ga ketauan suami :D