Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Baby's First Food

I rarely do some cooking thing
I also ... well ... won't say that I am good at cooking
But ... I like cooking ... really!
Errr ... but don't talk about the taste ... I mean, it's good for me
But ... don't know anybody else *grin*

But ... (well I always start with a but)
Since my baby turned into 6 months old and she is ready to eat solid food
I am officially a cook ... for her :p

Today I'm going to share one of the easiest first food
It's .......... *drumroll ............ Pear Puree
I love Xiang lie or Packham (Here in Indonesia, those are two kinds of pear I usually use)
Color of the skin for both of the pear is green, a little different with another kind that color pale yellow

So what you need to prepare

one Xiang lie / Packham Pear
image by google
a knive
a saucepan and steamer + the lid
a cup of water
a baby food grinder / blender / strainer

Now it's time to cook

  • First, wash the pear under a running water, then peel the skin. I know the skin contains many good thing, but you don't need it for first food since it is a little bit hard to let the skin go *let it gooo let it goo
  • You also have to throw away the core, and after that cut the pear into smaller pieces
  • Put the water into the saucepan, place the steamer and put the pear into the steamer
  • If all set, cover the steamer with lid, and turn on the stove
  • You will need about 5 minutes so the pear will soften
  • Once the pear is already soften, put the pear into a baby food grinder or blender or just strainer

(I also will tell you about the differences among the three)
A blender is the most useful machine if you want to make a large number of Pear Puree so you can freeze it and store it for about 1 month (or more, but don't recommend it)
A baby food grinder or strainer are about at same function. But it has a little different texture compared to blender
Grinder/Strainer will give you more chunky texture
So it just about preference

Fyi, if you don't have pear, apple would also be a great first food
I love to use Royal Gala or ... Red Washington ... It would be great also

Andraya is very much in love with my cooking. TRUE!!!

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