Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Challenge #8 - It's a Snack Time!!!

My Favorite snack at the office is .... (almost) ANYTHING I can find near me

Blog theme of the week challenges me to tell you about snacking at the office
Recently, I have two **expensive** snacks on my table
I bought them from an online shop
There are two types of snack, veggie and fruit chips
I have emptied the veggie one, and will do the fruit later

Now let me tell you the taste
Based on  the info from the webpage, healthy veggie chips is a healthy snack made from organic-pesticide-free veggies , baked and vacuumed without oil, without salt or MSG or any preservatives

That's what healthy is!!!
**Btw, I shed tears by buying this. It broke me. But it's good. Really

The veggie contains mushrooms, peas, carrots, and others veggie I don't know what to call them
The taste was so tender and sweet. Love the mushrooms

From the picture, the right one is the fruit chips. I can't tell the taste, but I bet it would be great too. It contains apples, kiwis, bananas, strawberries, etc

Besides those two, I also have a jar with chocolate cookies
I used to have Oreo but at this time, I don't have them
I also love to pile up some chocolate bars in my table drawer
Well, for the bars, for sure, I'll keep it as a secret so none will come and take them

some extras

 **ps: the picture above is my own personal kitchen hehehe


Jessie said...

itu harus ye web nya yang itu? pencitraan :))

Iin Kurniati said...

Lo kerjanya dimane? itu meja snack semuah? xixixixi.. :D

Wardah Adina said...

gw belom sempet icipin sayur kering loo.. T_T

amelia said...

lo keliatan aja jes...biar keliatan gue kerja :D

meja gue isinya adalah apa aja iin. snack juga kerjaan gue (buat ngabisin)

niwa....telat abis...