Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Challenge #7 - Rainbow Troops

Really, I can't say anything about the best book I ever read
I like reading books (I can't say that I love reading books)
I am a book person but in term that I love buying books, leave them in the bookcase, and totally forgot about it ... until (suddenly) I want to read something in my way to office
Don't hate me please?

So the best books I've ever read for this week challenge is presented by ... my husband
I interview him about the best books he's ever read
Me : M
Him: H

M : So, I have to write about the best books I've ever read for this week challenge. I really don't know what to write. I'm going to ask you and write about your answer. Are you ready?
H : *stare strangely*
*ok, he is a weirdo himself anyway*
*peace* #kisshimatcheek*
M : In your opinion, what is the best book you've ever read?
H : For me, it's tetralogy of Rainbow Troops (it's Laskar Pelangi in Indonesian)
M : Woa, why?
H : Because ... it's full of inspirations. About friendship and also hardworks. And also if I'm not mistaken, the books itself also inspire so many teachers to do a good thing like Bu Muslimah did
M : Woaaaaaa ... anything else? about the art of the writing?
H : Yeah, it's great for a person that didn't have a background of literature. He was an economic graduate, right?

M : Yeah right. Anything else?
H : And also, the movie. It means that it's a good book so that Mirles turn it into a movie. After that, both the book and the movie did make a good invitation for people visiting Belitung. Right?
M : Right. Anything Else?
H : Nope
M : Okay

Actually, I also read the tetralogy. I am also deeply in love with the movie made by Mirles
I am now thinking about having a vacation with my families there
Ah ... it will be great


Wardah Adina said...

Gw juga suka banget sama trilogi ini :3 Trilogi? Iya, yang keempat ngga pernah gw baca, baca sih.. sedikit.. dan tidak tertarik :p

Iin Kurniati said...

skripsi gw tentang film laskar pelangi..gw sampe tidak membaca dua novel setelahnya biar gak kecampur antar cerita, uwowwww..

haruadi setiawan said...

ah jadi inget gue mewek baca yang seri ke dua...pas bagian bokapnya ngambil raport.....