Monday, 19 July 2010

it's right to be wrong

suppose to be, there is no word "wrong"
sometimes, we make mistakes, but it's not wrong
it's just like, how you treat the mistakes, so that it will be a lesson for you somewhere in the future
for me, i try hard not to be wrong
i try hard not to make mistakes
but back then, i'm only human
i made mistakes, alot
but nothing's wrong with it
i'm happy for all things i've done
if the things dont come right, i just take it as a very good lesson or a brand-new experience that can enhance my life
i believe that God only gives me the best
every single thing i did, happened for a reason
there's always a reason behind it
when i broke up with my boyfriend, when i failed exam, when i got sick, when i had accident
i take it as the consequences of all the things i've done
if something's missing from my wallet, means i havent given enough "zakat"
if i had a car accident, means i'm still being so arrogant on street
same thing happens, when you're falling in love
just be in love, spread the love, show your love to the beloved one
no matter happens next, just believe that God will only give me the best
i just believe God wont give me trouble, more than that i cant handle
just believe in good, and God will give you the best

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