Saturday, 17 July 2010

flightless me

i love flying...
i once had a dream of having wings on my back

i always love flying...
i love the feeling of my heart's beat
that's why i love the moment when a plane, both boarding and landing
my favorite seat is near the window, in the middle section, right beside the wing of the plane
i love watching the air panel open while decrease the speed by turning the turbine's rotation (a source called it engine brake)....and the sound is so nice 

i'm so in love with flying
and i realize that i love the condition of having an upside-down, depend on the weather and wind
sometimes you'll feel your heart in a hard beat because suddenly the wind affect the stability of the plane
so then, i affects my life

everyone loves to live in peace, so do i
i love a peaceful life. everything goes in order
but sometimes, my life turns into a flat one
and i don't like it
but back then, i'm only human...too much asking to God
i want an upside-down life, unpredictable life
i just want to live my life free, without any plans
when i made mistakes, it will become a lesson to me, a good one
not to regret about it, instead i will live happily by it

but i guess, it's time for me to stop playing
start a same-old-me-brand-new-life
start moving my ass from my comfort zone
start choosing a decision and eat it alive
start flying my own airline
i know i can, i know God will give me guidance

"Fa-biayyi alaa'i Robbikuma tukadziban"

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