Sunday, 18 July 2010



this is what i believe until now
once you touched the land, you wont never want to go far from it
I have been to Bali two years ago
since then, i cant get my mind off from Bali
i love everything about it
the beach, the sun, the cloud, the water, the bluish sky, the people, the puras, the culture, the dance, the music....i love everything about Bali....and i'm crazy for it so very much

the photo was taken in Bedugul, Ulun Danu Lake

it's so beautiful here, even words cant say
if you have a Rp.50.000, check out the picture
it has the same background with my picture
actually, it was a lil bit rainy on that day, so the fog came down and covered all the pretty scene
we can saw the rows of trees...greenish everywhere
Bedugul is at the top part of Bali, so the weather is colder here. it will be better if you're wearing jacket or long dress that can cover your body

well....once you come to this place, you will love it. Uluwatu is a pura (temple) near a cliff. when you look down, you can see straightly to the sea. a big beautiful sea under the shine of the sun. a so-much-romantic scenery. if you love to catch sunset, here is one of the best place. the sunset is so tres magnifique here. but just beware of the monkeys. they are so very naughty. they will climb to your body and steal every shiny things around you, like glasses or hat, etc. it is recommended for you to keep all your belongings safe. once more, i almost forget to mention, before entering the entrance gate, you have to wear a sarung (if you wear short) or just a ribbon, tied on your hip 

Tanah Lot
it is also a pura. the pura is located on a big giant rock. the pura is for worshipping the sea guardian Gods. you can also see a beautiful sunset here. and you can directly touch the water, because the pura is nearby the sea. you can hear the sea sings a song live for you. every crush of the waves have its own rhythm, that can make you fall in love with this place

The other best things about Bali is the culture. here, you can find the masterpiece of uniqueness. the dancing, the music, the'll fall so deeply here
Love the dancing????
Bali has so many kinds of traditional dances, the most famous one is kecak. almost in all over places in Bali, you can watch kecak show, every night. after the sunset, the show will be held, such as in Uluwatu or Tanah Lot.
Love the music????
Bali traditional musical instrument is so rich with its own magic. you'll be enchanted by the sound and i t will resound in your head
Love the art????
Bali is the land of the finest art... sculpture, the paint, every handmade crafts, everything you name it. can find it here
well....even words cant say more
my suggestion??put Bali into one of the place you have to visit before you die
yes...yes..yes...Bali would very much delighted to welcome you, my friend
so next destination? BALI

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