Sunday, 18 July 2010

song #1 : i surrender

it's Saybia with a song called "i surrender"
check out the lyric

A million suns are glowing in the night
Everything is quiet
Except for all the voices in my head
That say your name
Tonight I'm letting go
About to give in
I surrender myself
Into the arms of a beautiful stranger
I surrender myself to you, to you
There is only one bridge left for me
My heart is almost free
Beautiful by my side
But all I think about is you
And tonight I'm letting go
About to give in
Who really loves me?
You really love me
My beautiful stranger
You really love me
Like I love you 

have you felt in love at the first sight?
do believe in it?
i am a gemini. i've read some magz that said a gemini is very easy to fall in love
but i think, it's nothing to do with the zodiac
i'm just so easy to fall in love
love is a universal languange that can connect you thru anything
so just fall in love people

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