Tuesday, 30 September 2014

SOTD #12 - The Mess I Made

I can't hold myself (not) to write *or brag actually*

Lately, so many of my friends comment about how messy is my office desk
I put some snack jars, a few collection of my CDs, a pile of my paperworks, and also the stationary
I realize that my desk is "kinda" messy
But somehow, I just love it and feel so comfortable

And today, I find an article about correlation of messy people compared to his/her creativity

The article starts with a question
Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Mark Twain. What is one thing these three visionaries have in common?

And the answer is they all had very messy workspaces

I copy some statements from the page
"These three game-changers were never ones to follow the crowd. We can see this by how unconventionally disorganized their desks are. There was a method to this madness: under the mass of papers, magazines, and various objects, there is a sense of organization only the creator can operate through,"

He is Einstein

Raise your hand if you don't know him. He's Mark, ya kno

A group of psychologies led by Kathleen D. Vohs. said that people with a messy room tend to be more creative. She said that from a mess, he/she could find a fresh idea.
"My advice, if you think out of the box, let the mess comes and releases some imaginations,"

Einstein himself once said that "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?"


Anyway, here's a glimpse of my office desk *grin*

oh well, I did make a little shipshape :P


Wardah Adina said...

meja lo itu elo banget lah:D

fietha geulis said...

ga setuju, banyak orang-orang dengan meja rapi tapi kreatif. Tapi, ntu artikel boleh de berlaku buat lau mel. Idem sama Niwa hahahahahaha