Wednesday, 10 September 2014

New Life #3 Challenge #2 - Happy 7months, Andraya

When I was pregnant, I knew that my life would change dramatically
When I was giving birth, I knew that the pain would replaced by a great happiness
This story is about my new life with a baby named Andraya, and also for answering the challenge with my office mates

I delivered my baby by Sectio Caesarea (SC)
Every time I heard about SC, my wound feels like it is wide open again
But well, there's always sacrifice you gave as a mother
I couldn't delivered with a normal process was because my child's head was up so it blocked her way out
I was so frightened that I has already prepared myself for a normal one
And there she goes my beautiful angel named Andraya (I've told you about the meaning of her name here)

The different between SC and normal is the painful moment *grin
In normal process, you'll feel the pain at the moment you're delivering
In SC, you'll feel the pain after (and after and after and after again) the process
Because in SC, you'll get anesthetic at spinal for paralyzing you to feel the pain
But after the drugs had gone, the pain will come and it's so .... *nuff said

But the moment when your child has birth is the moment of life
I felt the tears fall down in my cheek as the she was brought to my chest
Now I am officially a mom

Today, she is already a 7th months old baby

It just feels like yesterday she was a small baby
Today, she is almost 8 kilos, while she was only 3 kilos back in February
Happy 7-mo Andraya
My precious baby girl
Mommy and Daddy loves you so bad 

The Happy Little Feet


Wardah Adina said...

my preciousss~~ :O #ter-gollum

Pradany Hayyu said...

Happy sweet 7 months, Andraya cutie pie!!