Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Challenge #1 - Jelangkung, Jelangkung

This story is for Blog Challenge with my office mate
I introduce you to
Niwa, Yessi, Iin, Fieta, Hayyu and Findo 
As the last member, here is Haru

I never fond of horror movie
I had had a very bad experience of it, once I was a child
Back in 2001, there was an Indonesian horror movie called "Jelangkung"
Jelangkung itself is doll used as a media for spirit
You play the game, sing the song and the spirit will come to the doll

Well... most of my friends said that the film isn't as horror as it should be
So I dare myself, the 13 years-old kid, to watch it on TV
I was accompanied by my cousin
The film started at night, about 22.00 o'clock
So it finished at almost midnight
For me, the film was a very-much frightening
But I kept on going watching

After the film had finished, I jumped up to bed and sleep
Guess what?
I barely can sleep
My brain was playing inside my head, and I felt so much horror
I tried to close my eyes, wrapped my body with blanket
But the feeling was still can't go away
Can you imagine that feeling?
It was terrible
And I know that it was just a feeling

So ...
After that I always try to deny any invitations to watch horror movies
You know, that kind of movies can shorten my life
I better find something fun to watch

by the way, I am adding a good article to read relating horror


Wardah Adina said...

cupu lo mel :p

Jessie said...

Isn't this a feeling review after watching horror movie? mana horrornya, kakak? ULANG! ahahahahaa....

amelia said...

yang bagian gue ga bisa tidur? itu kan horor deh :p

amelia said...
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