Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The WedPrep #11 - Trouble, Trouble

And big trouble comes!

I hate to admit that I have gained weight since 4 months ago
My dress doesn't fit me because my belly is ... yeah you name it *sad*
And I only have 2 weeks to reach my 4-months-ago belly size *sigh*
Until today, which has passed 2 days since I commit to do diet, my belly is still at the same size *cry*
But insyAllah, I can handle it *fingercross*

I don't have any other big issues
I guess that most of my preparations have run smooth, except my belly

Last sunday was Asni's wed, one of my bestfriend
I shed my tears much when I saw her Akad Nikah
And my heart was thundered

And for sure,
I never mention about the sacrifices my parents have gave to me
I'm so sad, I will step to a higher level of life, with a man that I just knew for 2 years
Knowing that I haven't do something worth to them
Meanwhile most things I did was worthless to their goodness *cry*
Do I really ready to fly away from my zone?
Do I really ready ?
I will never be able to answer it
But there never readiness, what I can do is pray to Allah ...

By the way,
Here is the 2nd fun fact about our wedding
2. The Wedding date was chosen by me. It's our 2nd first greeting anniversary. 2 years ago in Bali. So I guess it would be cool if it's in the same date too. And also, we're planning to go to Bali for honeymoon *biggrin*

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