Thursday, 26 September 2013

New Life #1 - I'm back

It's been almost 6 months since my last update

I am a married woman now
With .... baby in the tummy *biggrin*
I don't have any moods to update my new story when I knew that I was pregnant
My first trimester pregnancy was awful, I barely can eat
Nausea was my best friend
But deep inside I'm terribly happy that I'm going to be a mother *biggrin*
My baby in the tummy is 5 months (21 weeks almost) already
And .. you've missed 6 months of our story

But, there's nothing much to tell
Marriage is so fun ... for me *grin*
We're still keep on trying to know each other much more better
I love sniffing around his smell before I go to sleep
I love to kiss his lips before he wakes up in the morning
I even smile every time he fart *hehe*

For me, I was really expecting pregnancy
So when I saw my test pack was marked positive, I smile so wide
I ran toward him, and showed the (+) mark on the test pack
He didn't know what to do and insisted me to change to another test pack
So i checked again, and the result was still the same (+)
I smile. He asked me to come to see the doctor first
We spent the weekend just to find the doctor and hospital
And we chose a hospital near our house with a female doctor

At first, I thought my pregnancy was less than 4 weeks
But the doctor said that my baby was already 6 weeks
After that, my whole life changed
Psychologically, I feel angry, nausea, moody
And I felt my body was so weak
I can barely eat. I lost 2,5 kilos in total, in my first trimester
When my baby was 16 weeks, psychologically I've felt better
I can eat without re-vomiting the foods
So i'm happier

This coming week would be my baby in the tummy 21 weeks
It's just another half way
I can't wait to see my baby's smile
Now, I always feel thrill when my baby is moving around in my tummy

My Little Sunshine. Mommy and Daddy love you

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