Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The WedPrep #10 - Less Than Three Weeks

Our wedding day is just less than 3 weeks-away
The preparation is almost meet the ending
I'm coming to pick up my dress this week
The souvenirs are already on its way to Palembang
The invitations are ready to be delivered
I guess, it's almost 90 % ready

As day goes by and almost meet the end
Many things come to annoy me so bad
For example about the dance I will do on the day
He still dislike my decision to dance, but yeah, I don't care
I went home to Palembang last weekend
And got nothing from it
I have gave up the ambitions to control my wedding day
So now, I'm completely lay it on the hand of my WO
I just hope my decision to dance is right *grin*
And I also hope my make up artist is as good as people talk about him

Another thing coming is about our honeymoon
I have decided to go to Bali
The only problem is I can't decide how long we will stay
And for sure, I can't help his whatever to anything I offer *ggrrrr*
But I guess I'll settle it down soon enough
Back to my statement before, I don't care and He does whatever
Ahh... maybe this is the thing that unite us *grin*

By the way,
I'm going to tell you some fun fact about us
Maybe it's one of the way I can update my blog often until my wedding day

1. For you who has received our wedding invitation, you may see the poems in front of it. It is really an original copy of our poems made by ourselves. I was thinking that it might be fun to put something that "so us" in our wedding invitation. In this case, I consider both of us as word-players *grin*.

enough for today
I'll return tomorrow and tell you about another story of preparation for my wedding day. And also another fun fact about me and him

love from me and him

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