Sunday, 18 November 2012

The WedPrep #7 - flatness

Research on websites was making me sick
So I decided to visit some vendors for cards and souvenirs
This weekend, I got 4 days off from office and I have planned 2 days for searching 
We went to Jatinegara and Kelapa Gading
Now, a new problem came
Too many options made me confused
Plus the weather was so very hot and I can't stand it
But I've saved some phone numbers so I can contact 

Next week, there'll will be wedding festival at JCC
I have talked to him to accompany me coming and he agree (of course!)

Last night, suddenly thoughts crossed my mind
I think about my future with him and I feel insecure
Can I live happily ever after?
Can we be a good parents for our (future) baby(ies) ?
Can I be a good wife?
Can I be a good mom?
Will he love me until the end of time?
Et Cetera ....

It's maybe caused by my period
Sometimes, I'm being too sensitive in my period time

Arranging the wedding should be full of fun
Maybe I pushed myself to hard
I just need to control my mind better *sigh*
I was planning to have a little break with him
No ... I mean that maybe I need a time alone or with my friends
Maybe I just don't know what to speak to him
I don't know how to communicate well in this level of sensitivity
Yeah right, communication student that can't communicate *sigh*

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