Monday, 12 November 2012

The WedPrep #6 - exhausted

I give up to make my wedding simple
Long before, I decided to make the reception in a simple way
As I always saw in some wedding website
I once thought to or choose the decorations by my own
Pick the color as I wished
Make my own invitation cards and choose the souvenirs as much as the budget I have

But, since my parents have arranged
The decorations, The wedding dress and others will be done in traditional way
We'll wear Aesan Gede, traditional dress of Palembang
And the decorations will also be done in that way
So all I need is to endure myself not too stubborn in making some changes (or many) *sigh*
The bad news is I still can't choose the design for my wedding card
Or worse, I also still can't decide the souvenirs

Now, it's already less than 5 months
Only 10 % ready from 100 (which 10 is that I've picked date and place)
Allah, give me strength *cry*

Sometimes I wished that I don't have to think about every body else
So I can make it simpler, cheaper and easier
So I don't have to spend my time to think all about the preparations all the time
Now, I feel exhausted even before the day comes *sigh*

Last weekend, me, him and my parents went to Mangga Dua
My dad insisted to order the souvenirs at that time
Fortunately, I also insist to check some other places to compare from prices and quality
And my dad agreed
@dwhyr has finished the card's design ... It's so cute *smile*
Now I just have to check for prices if I want to print it on a Songket

Today I've been doing some researches on some wedding website
I also text many cards and souvenirs vendors
Wish us luck!!!

me : What do you want for the souvenirs? I think about photo holder or pen holder
him: ...
me : glass?
him: too ordinary
me : pen? notebook?
him: too ordinary
me : small purse?
him: too ordinary
me : so what?
him: .... *flatface* ... I don't know
me : grrrrrrrrrrrrr --"

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